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Preparing Your Viking for Winter

Cold weather can have a significant impact on your cold plunge and its components, including the tub and chiller. To prevent potential issues and ensure that your unit continues to operate smoothly, we strongly recommend following our Winterization Guide.

Please be aware that any issues resulting from failure to winterize your cold plunge properly are not covered under warranty. This includes damage to the tub, chiller, or any other components caused by exposure to cold weather conditions.

General rule of thumb: If your nightly temperature falls below freezing, you'll need to follow the winterization guide.

Here are some key winterization steps:

☑️Step 1: Power Down the Chiller

  • Before starting the drainage process, ensure the entire plunge system is powered down for safety.

☑️Step 2: Drain the Viking

  • Ensure all of the water is drained from the Viking to prevent freezing and potential damage.
  • Open drainage valves or plugs to allow water to flow out.

☑️Step 3: Remove the Inlet and Outlet Hoses

  • Disconnect the inlet and outlet hoses from the Viking unit.
  • Flush out the hoses to ensure they are clean for storing during the winter months.

☑️Step 4: Drain the Chiller

  • Remove the blue filter housing and filter.
  • Gently tilt your chiller to allow water to flow out through the "In" and "Out" ports.
  • Optionally, use a wet vacuum to ensure all water is properly removed from the chiller.

☑️Step 5: Carefully Store the Chiller, Viking, and Hose Accessories

  • Find a dry place to store the chiller, Viking unit, and hose accessories until you are ready to use them again.
  • Consider covering these items to keep them clean during storage.

Please follow these steps to ensure the Viking is winterized and will be ready for the warmer months ahead.