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Works great in our space!

Before we purchased the Nordic Wave we contacted the customer support to ensure that the plunge will work in our limited space. We wanted to transform an unused guest shower for plunging since it was more private than having it outside. We contacted customer support to figure out whether its possible to have longer hoses, and L-connection to fit in the tight shower space. They were able to meet our needs, and now we enjoy having an indoor ice bath oasis.

The Viking
Josh Soper
Best Cold Plunge - Simple Elegance

The Nordic Wave is a superior product backed by a high integrity Founder, Warner Jenkins. The Nordic experience from purchase to delivery has been white glove service. Our family loves the design that blends in well with our backyard. The convenience of a reliable cooling mechanism gives us no excuse to take the daily plunge! There’s nothing like the Viking. We absolutely love it!

The Viking
Lindsey Trubia
Best Cold Plunge

As a Peak Flow, Oxygen Advantage, and Wim Hof breathwork instructor for years, I've experienced all the cold plunges. The Viking is easily the best premium plunge on the market. Requiring limited space with a sleek vertical design and insulated features you can't beat it. Here's to no more trips to gather ice or dealing with an inflatable.

This cold plunge pool rocks!

I rarely write reviews but the Nordic Wave definitely deserves one. I bought it to help me recover from playing tennis often in very hot conditions. I don't know the science of "why" but not only has it helped me bounce back faster and not feel as beaten up, but it has also boosted my mood, helped me sleep better, and weirdly helped with hot flashes. I live in a very hot climate and if I do the cold plunge pool in the morning, I regulate my temperature better the rest of the day. In addition to all of the above, the actual "pool" has a low profile and it looks more like a piece of furniture and not an unsightly device in my backyard. Furthermore, when I have had questions, the response from customer service has been immediate. I highly recommend this product!!

Wow, thank you so much for taking the time to share your experience with the Nordic Wave! We're so glad to hear how it's been a game-changer for you, helping you recover faster after tennis, improving your mood, sleep, and more. Cheers to more refreshing moments with the Nordic Wave! ❄️

Great product

This filter last for a month and keeps my tub very clean. Thanks team.

The Viking
Jonathan Bowman

There are few things in life that are truly transformational, and the Viking is one of them. I've had the Viking for about 6 weeks now and have used it every single day. I feel like it is a cheat code for life. My mood is improved, tons of energy, lower anxiety - absolutely incredible. It is also aesthetically beautiful and very comfortable and spacious. I've used several other types of cold plunges and The Viking is by far the best (I much prefer crouching over laying!). On top of it all, the customer service is phenomenal. I can't recommend this highly enough.

Wow, your Viking experience is truly game-changing! It's awesome to hear how it's amped up your energy, boosted your mood, and turned anxiety down a notch. And hey, kudos to you for the daily dedication – you're rocking it! Thanks for shouting out our customer service too – we're here to keep that excitement going. ❄️

The Viking
Dr. Rob Williams
The Viking - What a Beautiful Daily Journey!

I've used every ice bath in the industry. THE VIKING is Legend - sleekly designed, aesthetically pleasing, ergonomically hip, and most importantly - double hulled to hold the cold better than any other ice bath in the business. Plus - you cannot beat their customer service. 5 Stars - a game changer for the industry!

Thank you so much for your fantastic feedback! Enjoy the game-changing benefits of The Viking! ❄️

The Viking
Janae Waterstraat
Let's Go!

Great purchase, customer service has been outstanding! Product is solid and plunging definitely put extra pep in your step. No regrets.

Thank you for your wonderful review! We're glad to bring that extra pep to your step. No regrets, just happy plunging! ❄️

Best in the business

I am so happy i got this cold plunge!! I am a professional golfer on the pga tour and this helps my body recover. I look forward to getting in every morning when we are at home. I highly recommend this plunge. It’s easy to use and doesn’t take up a lot of space. You can’t go wrong with getting this plunge!!

Thank you for your fantastic feedback! We're all about making wellness easy and effective, and we appreciate your support. Here's to many more refreshing plunges and successful rounds of golf! ️‍❄️

The Viking
Great Product

I have had the product for a couple of days now. Works great easy to install. Madison was very helpful and answered all my questions. I highly recommend.

Thank you for your kind words! Madison and our team are always here to provide top-notch assistance. Your recommendation means a lot to us. Happy plunging ❄️

The Viking
Tyler Crispen
The best on the market!!

I had been cold plunging for 6 months before getting my Viking, and it has absolutely elevated the cold plunge experience for me. Easy set up and cleaning, and easily the most stylish tank on the market. I couldn’t recommend the Viking enough.

Thank you for sharing your awesome experience! We're absolutely stoked to be elevating your cold plunge game! Get ready to ride those refreshing cold waves like a champ! ❄️

The Viking
Zach Hawkins
Game Changer

For optimizing space and keeping to a cleaner aesthetic, the Viking is the way to go. Even if you have a larger space, I don't know why you'd want to eat up extra room with a full laying tub. My morning plunges have completely changed the game and I love the way it tucks away nicely in my little backyard corner. Setup was incredibly easy. I'm getting to temps even colder than advertised. Owner was directly available for questions. Highly recommend

Thank you for your awesome review! We're glad the Viking fits perfectly and your morning plunges are better than ever. Stay cool and plunge on! ❄️

The Viking
Nathan Whittaker
Savior from the heat!!

Awesome product!! It’s the best way to plunge, trust me trying to lay down in a cold plunge is NOT the way to go. This design is the best .. crouching, dunking sitting they all work. The ozone sanitizer keeps it clean and ready. right plunge. Also fantastic support!

Thank you for the amazing review! We're delighted that you love our plunge design and find it comfortable. We're here for any support you need. Enjoy the refreshing experience! ❄️

The Viking
Christian T.
Great customer service

Spoke with the founder on the phone...great customer service and answered all of my questions. Only cold plunge that actually looks sleek. Excited to get this!

Thank you so much for sharing your experience! We're glad you had a great experience with our customer service. Continue to enjoy the sleek and refreshing plunge! ❄️

The Viking
Lily C.
Home gym

LOVE! Been looking for a plunge that looks nice for my gym at home. AND great customer service, thanks!

Aw! Thank you for the love! We're glad we could provide a stylish addition to your home gym. Happy plunging! ️‍❄️

The Viking
Sarah F.
Nice plunge...not too much space required

I needed a cold plunge that didn't take up much space and also didn't sweat because I live in a humid temperature area. The viking is perfect because it looks so good and doesn't take up a ton of room.

Thank you so much for your fantastic review! It's like having the best of both worlds – a sleek look and no space-hogging! Happy chilly dips and stay cool! ❄️

The Viking
Eric T.
Solid US made plunge with good warranty

I can't wait to get my Viking! The vertical design and 2 year warranty is what really sold me. Plus the fact that it's insulated made it even better!

Your enthusiasm is contagious! We're just as excited for you to experience the Viking. With its sleek design, warranty, and insulation, you're in for some seriously refreshing plunges. Enjoy the cold goodness! ❄️