The Viking

Yes, you can! When the temperature reaches below freezing, we recommend unplugging or turning the chiller off to protect the chiller from any elements. The insulated walls will prevent the water from completely freezing, but your water will not have the regular chiller functionalities (ozone therapy, filtration, chilling).

Yes, there is plenty of room to accommodate most heights.

The inside of The Viking has no steps or seat. The buoyancy of the water allows you to sit in comfortable squatted position without putting any pressure on your joints. Your body will naturally find this position.

Yes, the chiller can be plugged into a standard wall outlet (120V).

Depending on your local cost per KWh and usage, estimated monthly costs should be between $15-$25. Most heat is gained through sun exposure and ambient temperatures but our 2" foam insulated walls significantly reduce your electricity bill.

In the right conditions, the Viking can drop into the high 30's in just under 4 hours.

It is recommended replacing them once a month.

Since our Viking and chiller are both made here in the USA, we are proud to offer a 5 year warranty on the Viking and a 2 year warranty on the chiller system.

Current lead times are 5 Weeks.

No, the Viking tub and its accessories are not available for individual purchase.

Yes! You can purchase through Shop Pay in full or in four installments.