At 22 years old, you don’t quite expect to be rolled through a hospital in a wheelchair and told you have arthritis, an autoimmune disease, essentially becoming a prisoner to your own body. The interesting thing though about not being able to walk, is that your perspective on everything gets flipped upside down. Some matters quickly become important, while others become trivial. was about to change.

Over the last five years, I have been searching for answers to the complicated challenge of reversing my autoimmune disease; a search that has taken me to the mountains and beaches of Costa Rica, where I experienced the value of cold plunging and its impact on both mind and body. While there, I met some incredibly gifted people who introduced me to breathwork and how to combine these holistic therapies to reduce the pain and inflammation wreaking havoc on my body. Committing to cold water immersion therapy, I began to feel a change both physically and mentally. This alternative approach allowed me to complete my International MBA in Spain, meeting more life-changing people focused on healthy living.

But the journey isn’t over – Nordic Wave was born from a personal need to make cold water immersion part of a daily therapy routine, while bringing new cold plunge solutions to the market. Our team is focused on supporting those seeking to maintain their health, as well as others like me, seeking holistic health transformations for long-term renewal.


Warner Jenkins, Founder & CEO

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