press pause and rediscover yourself


Welcome to Nordic Retreats. Here, amidst like-minded individuals, forge deep connections and a supportive community, all dedicated to personal growth and well-being. Join us for a journey of relaxation, self-discovery, and camaraderie, as you unwind and embrace the holistic benefits of mindful living in harmony with nature.

Immerse yourself

Power of community

Share experiences, insights, and support with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of belonging and connection.


The Science of Mindfulness

World-renowned guest speakers will join the Nordic team to share the science behind the lost art of ancient practices. Delve into the fascinating research that underpins mindfulness, providing a deeper understanding of its profound effects on the mind and body and why we must take on these practices to thrive in our relationship to self and others.

retreat pillars


Breath awareness is the bridge to the mind-body connection. Experience daily personalized breathing guidance ranging from peak performance, stress management, emotional resilience, sleep, and recovery methods.


Embrace the cold and take your mental resilience to the next level. At Nordic, the magic happens when we take our practice out of the plunge and into daily life.


When we move mindfully with breath awareness, we restore peace within ourselves. Experience daily yoga, functional movement with alignment experts, and transformative walking meditation.


Practice daily stillness and deep listening. At Nordic Flow, meditation is above all being present to yourself, to those you love, and to life. Meditation reveals the true nature of emotion and its roots leading to transformation and joy.


Experience sound baths, yoga nidra, and live music as we embrace mindfulness throughout the program and before sleep.

Integration: A new way of living

The Nordic team is passionate about inspiring a new way of living during and beyond the retreat. We support our participants with a cohesive plan to help inspire new habits with a 3 pronged approach: teachers that resonate, evolving trainings in the palm of your hand, and a benevolent community to inspire a life full of understanding, compassion, and joy.

meet your retreat leader

lindsey trubia

At the heart of Nordic Flow is Lindsey, the visionary founder whose journey was catalyzed by a near-death surfing experience. As an avid athlete growing up with all brothers, Lindsey was always competing, performing, and pushing her performance to the next level. After her near-death experience surfing in Hawaii, she stumbled across the power of stillness and self-inquiry. The living world moves in pulses, defined equally by the motion and the pause. In today’s world, we’ve lost sight of the pause; we must find the balance. Lindsey has applied this philosophy to Nordic Flow, elevating life and happiness through mindfulness: breathwork, meditation, movement, and cold plunging. Lindsey shares her passion for holistic wellness, guiding individuals to reconnect with their senses, the foundation for cultivating meaningful connections worldwide. 

more about lindsey...

Lindsey embodies the essence of a top-performing athlete, entrepreneur, yogi, and surfer deeply inspired by mindfulness practices. Drawing from her studies in Buddhism, yoga, breathwork and cold exposure across India, Thailand, and Poland, Lindsey crafts a fusion of modern mindfulness with ancient techniques. Her teachings resonate deeply with those seeking balance in today's fast-paced world. Collaborating with esteemed experts like Wim Hof and James Nestor, Lindsey shares her passion world wide. When she’s not teaching Lindsey finds solace in Encinitas, CA, alongside her family and two beloved pups, embodying mindfulness and nature in her everyday life.