Viking Cold Plunge

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The Viking - Nordic Wave
The Viking - Nordic Wave
The Viking - Nordic Wave
The Viking - Nordic Wave
The Viking - Nordic Wave
The Viking - Nordic Wave
The Viking - Nordic Wave
The Viking - Nordic Wave
The Viking - Nordic Wave
The Viking - Nordic Wave

The Viking

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The Viking is a sleek and modern vertical cold plunge, designed as an aesthetic, low-profile, small-footprint option, chilled with a powerful 3/4HP chiller built for your personal or commercial setting. Its sleek design and powerful chiller make it the perfect energy-efficient addition to any home or business.

Viking cold plunge features include:

  • Vertical design to minimize the footprint and ergonomically built for easier breathing. 
  • Integrated chiller system with multi-stage sanitation and ozone filtration systems for constant, clean and cold water.
  • 2" foam insulated walls to lower energy costs, eliminate any "sweating" and keep your Viking cold
  • Sloped floor design for easy draining with a dedicated drain valve with garden hose threading. 

We didn’t just stop at a cold-water solution; we created a 95-gallon vertical plunge, designed for easier breathing and deep immersion. Our foam wall construction ensures your water stays cold, while the in-line filtration and ozone sanitization system maintain consistent water quality.

  • Chiller System including hoses, filters and ozone generator for optimal water cleanliness
  • Vertical Plunge with 2" Insulation
  • Stay-Cold™ Lid with easy to access handles on all four sides
  • Step Stool with aesthetic design and sturdy build
  • 10' power chord with GFCI protection

Viking Tub:

Exterior Dimensions: 36"x30"x41" (WDH)

Weight (empty): 60lbs

Material: Rotomolded Plastic


Dimensions: 16"x14"x22" (WDH)

Lowest Temperature: 38 degrees

Weight: 55lbs

Material: Stainless Steal

Amperage: 3.9

Power: 120V

Watts: 450

Lid weight: 16lbs

Indoor/Outdoor Use

We're proud to offer a 5-year warranty on the Viking tub and a 2-year warranty on the Viking chiller.

Viking Features

Vertical Plunge

The Viking strikes the perfect balance between space optimization and your well-being, making it the ultimate choice for those who value both their space and their health.

The Viking - Nordic Wave

Powerful Chilling

We take hygiene seriously, which is why our water undergoes a rigorous multi-stage process that includes cutting-edge ozone therapy and advanced filtration.

Aesthetic Design

Combining form and function, the Viking Cold Plunge boasts streamlined aesthetics that elevate the visual appeal of any space.

The Viking - Nordic Wave

Quick Drain

The specialized drain valve enables you to effortlessly connect a garden hose for drainage anywhere, eliminating the need to untangle or disconnect other hoses

Optimized Shape

A rounded tub provides an exceptionally immersive cold plunge experience by seamlessly conforming to the natural curves of your body

Easy Set Up

Experience hassle-free convenience with its easy set-up feature, ensuring a swift and straightforward process from unboxing to enjoyment

Viking FAQs

Yes, you can! When the temperature reaches below freezing, we recommend unplugging or turning the chiller off to protect the chiller from any elements. The insulated walls will prevent the water from completely freezing, but your water will not have the regular chiller functionalities (ozone therapy, filtration, chilling).

Yes, there is plenty of room to accommodate most heights.

The inside of The Viking has no steps or seat. The buoyancy of the water allows you to sit in comfortable squatted position without putting any pressure on your joints. Your body will naturally find this position.

Yes, the chiller can be plugged into a standard wall outlet (120V).

In the right conditions, the Viking can drop into the high 30's..

It is recommended replacing them once a month

Nordic Wave covers the cost of shipping the Viking to you, but we do not cover the cost of returning the Viking. Returning the Viking has a flat rate of $500.

Still have questions? Please send us an email at or give us a call at 854-458-7026. 8:30AM - 5:30PM EST

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